halllaury-productsHall & Laury Opticians offers an extensive selection of the latest fashion eye wear styles, lenses, contact lenses, and safety eye wear.  All eye wear is professionally fitted by licensed opticians. If you require custom lenses for driving, shooting and hunting, computer or electronic device use, specialized sports glasses or even custom prescription or nonprescription sunglasses we can help. We also carry digital lenses or high definition lenses for single vision and progressive as well as conventional applications. We can even repair telescopes and binoculars.

Hall & Laury Opticians Key Benefits

When using quality lenses with the best optics it leads to better quality vision and provides a more comfortable vision. There are big difference between cheap lenses and a quality lenses and you can see the difference.

Grinding, polishing, and other highly technical operations go into making up your individual prescription. Quality eyeglasses cannot be massed produced.

Our eye care specialist makes sure that your custom eyeglasses meet your visual requirements.

Proper eye care from us includes a thorough eye examination and careful selection and fitting of your eye ware needs.


eye-wearWe are very particular about the frames and lenses we carry. The products will represent good design, style, durability and value. Once we have your lens prescription we have a large selection of frames for all ages.

Our frame selection includes:

  • Elle
  • Vogue
  • Timberline
  • Artline
  • Liberty Sport
  • Jones of New York
  • Puma
  • CFX Frames
  • Harley Davidson
  • Polo